Urjala is an old southern-Finnish municipality that has long cultural traditions. Urjala offers modern services for travellers. It is located close by highway 9 in Pirkanmaa (55 km from Tampere and 100 km from Turku).

Nuutajärvi Glass Village and our numerous cafes and dining places are open every day, and the famous market place in the centre of Urjala is open every Friday!
Nuutajärvi Day is celebrated on May and Pentinkulma Days on July-August.

The Väinö Linna Route introduces you to the famous author’s childhood sceneries and the sceneries of the trilogy Täällä Pohjantähden Alla (Under the North Star). We organize conferences and trips around the year!

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The Väinö Linna Route takes you to a trip of traditional Finnish culture. The Route takes you in the middle of the sceneries of the trilogy Under the North Star (Pohjantähden alla). It is 25 km long, and you can go by car or bike. You can order a guide, or go by yourself using a guidebook. Order a guide by telephone. Tel. +368 40 744 4184, e-mail: marja-riitta.touru (at) urjala.fi.


We blow life into ideas

Glass has been manufactured in Nuutajärvi Glass Village for more than 220 years, longer than anywhere else in Finland. The village is the home of the largest community of independent glass designers and glassblowers with their own hot shops, studios and galleries. In addition, the Glass Village has several artists and artisans of other fields working with different materials.

Nuutajärvi Glass Village is a unique attraction for glass enthusiasts and those seeking to enjoy a picturesque environment. The National Board of Antiquities has listed Nuutajärvi as one of the important nationally built cultural environments. The decorative buildings of the village, dating back to the mid-19th century and designed by G. Th. Chiewitz, the most famous architect of his time, are still in active use. The museum, owned by the Design Museum, is located in a former brewery that was converted into a museum under the direction of Artist Professor Kaj Franck.

Spend a relaxed day in the workshops and exhibitions. Be captivated by the furnace fires and inspired to test your own skills with professional artists. Stroll about the village to see the beautiful historic buildings and environmental art.

The Glass Village shops are open all year round. Check the opening hours of the shop or workshop of your choice by calling in advance.

Guided tours of the glass village are available. Max. 50 persons per group. English and Swedish tours on request.

More information and reservations: Iittala Outlet Nuutajärvi, tel. +358 20 439 3527



The Urjala Museum in Urjalankylä consists of eight buildings transferred to the grounds from other parts of the municipality. The specialities of the museum are the Christmas roof and the name day doll. There is also a workshop of a rocking chair maker, and a replica of Karhukorsu (Bear Dugout) from the time of the Continuation War. Other museums in Urjala are the Glass Museum Prykäri, Moonamies Museum, and Ikaalan Isotalo Museum.

Urjala’s beautiful wooden cruciform church was built in 1806. In addition, Halkivaha has a church of its own, and there is a stone sacristy in Urjalankylä that was built already in the 1450s.


guest rooms of the Nuutajärvi glass village

Nuutajärvi has eight modern and spacious rooms, altogether accommodation for up to 20 persons. The Glass Village has conference facilities suitable for up to 50 persons in the same building, and also the services of Restaurant Aalto.
Pruukinraitti, 31160 Nuutajärvi
Tel. +358 40 935 4232, +358 40 935 4277
E-mail: sini.ollonqvist (at) nuutajarvenlasipalatsi.fi

Motel Pentinkulma

Motel Pentinkulma offers quality accommodation for 20 persons, a restaurant with seats for 240 customers, and conference facilities for up to 40 persons. There is also a big sauna with a cosy room and a fireplace, and a cabin for six persons.
Turuntie 52, 31760 URJALA
Tel. +358 3 546 0980 and +358 44 730 4020

Taikayö Camping (Urjalan leirintäalue)***

Taikayö Camping is a pleasant and clean camping site for families by the magical scenery route Taikayöntie. Cabins, caravan lots and tent space for rent.
Kajaniementie 79
Tel. +358 040 6646 169
Taikayö Camping

Farm Kampparin Isotalo

A cabin for four persons, 2+2 beds, a separate sauna building, a compost latrine. Accommodation also in a renovated old worker home.
Kampparintie 348
31760 URJALA
Tel. +358 500 429 828
E-mail: kampparin.isotalo (at) reppu.net

Cabin accommodation - Mökkimajoitus Lehtonen

Two log cabins onshore Lake Pynnänjärvi that has a child friendly beach, a pier and a boat. For rent preferably for the whole summer season, ask also about autumn.
31830 Halkivaha
Tel. +358 40 7685 849

Cabin rentails- Mökkivuokraus Iso-Kokkila

A cabin with 2+4 beds, two smaller beds, a bathroom, and a separate log sauna. A cabin with four beds and two extra beds, a sauna, a bathroom, and an electric toilet. 150 m to the lakeshore, a beach suitable for swimming, a pier and a boat.
Kokkijärventie 80
Tel. +358 3 546 2017 ja +358 400 800 437